Hi. I’m Gerry.

I’m a husband, a father, a son, a brother, a friend, and a filmmaker.

I used to be an athlete, a student, a teacher, a coach, and a comedian.

I love The Goonies and I love 8 ½. I love The Jerk and I love Grey Gardens. My film tastes are all over the place, and I’m fine with that.

My film work follows my tastes. I’ve directed a psychological thriller feature (The Means, 2013), a post-apocalyptic TV pilot (Surviving the End, 2014), a feature-length mockumentary (The Bold and the Spicy: An Apology, 2015), a metaphysical Western short (Dust Devils, 2012), a dystopian sci-fi short (Needles, 2011), three magical realist shorts (Rebuild, 2012; Cape-Wearing, 2010; Opening, 2010), three character-driven dramatic shorts (Sauratown, 2010; Denouement, 2009; From What Comes After, 2009), in addition to numerous live events, music videos, and commercials. New genres equal new challenges.

I am fortunate to have forged a link with some fellow filmmakers from the UNC School of the Arts. I’m way older than all of them, but they’re ridiculously talented and usually quite tolerant of my grey hairs and repeated tales of “the old days”.

I live in Winston-Salem, NC with my wife, Courtney. She’s kind, patient, nurturing, and the most reliable critic of my work.

We live in a small house with our sons Bennett and Turner, both of whom we are brainwashing so that they don’t develop questionable tastes. If they end up listening to Tween Pop instead of the Kinks, we will have failed in this mission.

I have a rock-solid foundation of supportive family and friends in my life, and I’m aware of how awesome that is.

I think that about covers it. Email me if you want to talk or get coffee.




In college someone asked me when I had decided I wanted to be a filmmaker. I told them I had known I wanted to be a storyteller since I was nine years old. They told me I was lucky to have figured it out so early.

I guess you could say that.

My youth was preoccupied with running around with whatever camera I could get my hands on, be it my sister’s Hi8 camcorder or the Minolta SRT101 a friend gave me, and capturing what I found interesting. What I found interesting often wasn’t what interested others, but hey, that’s the discovery phase.

Having experienced the devastating aftermath of Hurricane Floyd firsthand at the same time that I was just beginning to realize my love of storytelling, it is no surprise that journalism became a hobby of mine. As my focus in high school moved from writing to filming, I began shooting documentaries about our marching band, on which I served as a Horn Captain.

By my senior year, I was volunteering hundreds of hours at the local public access station, had been working at the Durham Bulls Pro Baseball Stadium as a camera operator for almost a year, and was awarded “2nd Place High School Photographer” in the NC Scholastic Media Association’s statewide annual journalism competition.

I immediately enrolled in the University of North Carolina School of the Arts – School of Filmmaking as a cinematographer. As you can tell I’m not one to waste time, and by the end of my first year there, Gerry and I and a few others were already meeting to discuss the formation of “Process Pictures”.

By the end of our first year, we shot our first short film. By the end of our third year, we shot our first feature film. By the end of our fourth year, we shot our second feature film. We officially incorporated Process Pictures, LLC within a week of graduating from UNCSA.

This company, the people in it, and the work we do, means everything to me. I’ve never been happier than I am right now, and I’ve been doing what I love since I was nine years old.



Well where to start? I am 6’1” and enjoy hiking, editing, and long walks on the beach. With experience in a wide range of genres from a science fiction western to thriller to comedy, I try to bring a unique sense to every project I get my hands on.

I have been a staple of Process Pictures for the last 2 years but the experience I share with its members go back even further. Having also attended school with Devin and Gerry, I have actually been working hand in hand with these guys for closer to 6 years. That kind of time has given me an excellent working relationship with the members of Process Pictures that has ultimately led to better results. I have had my work featured in both the Riverrun Film Festival and Asheville Cinema Festival. My student film, Dust Devils (directed by Gerry Gibson), won a Platinum Remy Award at the World Fest in Houston.

Back in school the nickname for editors was vampires. Gerry nicknamed me Meat Mountain. I think I prefer being referred to as a mountain of meat as opposed to being affiliated with the Twilight movies, but I digress. The truth is editing has been a passion of mine for quite some time. Even as a young lad when the industry I work in today was but a dream, editing was always the most fun. One day it dawned on me why that was. For my entire life I have been totally in love with puzzles. Jigsaw puzzles, word puzzles, brain teasers, you name it! One could say I’m a very puzzling man. To me, editing is the ultimate puzzle. Editing is like being given 10,000 pieces to a 1000 piece puzzle and having to find the greatest combination. It is very hard to find if it is ever found at all, but it’s damn fun putting those pieces together.

I consider myself very lucky to be working with people with the level of talent that they have because it makes my life and my work a whole hell of a lot easier. I think between Gerry, Devin, and myself we really found a combination of pieces that fit together perfectly.