Process Pictures, LLC

Process Pictures is a full-service film and video production company located in Winston-Salem, NC. We work with all formats and platforms and will manage any project from concept to completion.

Our Clients

Narrative and Documentary Film

With experience in features, shorts, and series, Process Pictures has not only developed our own projects, but also collaborated on ideas and stories brought in from other talented folks outside the company. Check out our PROJECTS page to see what Process Pictures has been up to over the years.

Commercial and Industrial Video

These days, companies need video. Whether it’s a television advertisement, a training video, or a web-based video that enhances social media presence, video has become an essential tool for teaching, marketing, and overall communication. Since it reaches audiences by using both sound and visual components, video is the quickest method to get one’s point across. Click on our COMMERCIAL AND INDUSTRIAL links to learn more about how Process Pictures can help your company tell its story.

Live Events

You spent months and months planning the perfect occasion. Now make sure everyone knows how awesome it was! Whether you’re sculpting memories for the attendees or you’re drumming up awareness for a cause, a carefully planned live video can enhance social media presence and allow the event to extend its reach beyond those in attendance. Our LIVE EVENTS page shows you how Process Pictures can enhance your special occasion.